Yokakusa Koga

Koga, Fukuoka, Japan

Open, Free, Fair

A new mission for a new era (Reiwa)

A group of volunteers in Koga, Fukuoka, Japan, started 'Yokakusa Koga' in 1996 to introduce Internet to the town of Koga, guided by the founding motto of 'Open, Free, Fair'.

Since those days Internet has become all pervasive. The original mission has been fulfilled; Yokakusa Koga rose from obscurity then passed into oblivion.

On 2019-05-11, five of the founding members of Yokakusa Koga met for a small party; two other founders were busy with community events and unable to attend. These five decided that the new age of Rei-Wa deserves a new Yokakusa Koga, and set to re-establish this volunteer organization.

The Internet is a wonderful tool, but should not be the boss of our life. Being left behind are skills and knowledge important to generations of people; classical skills and knowledge.

Yokakusa Koga Academy

We will work to establish a volunteer academy of classical knowledge and skills; Yokakusa Koga Academy. All ages are welcome. We expect that older citizens will have much to pass on to younger ones.

Some Ideas

Any person who is in Koga, or the vicinity of Koga, is welcome to join us in this endeavor.